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full cycle

32 weeks

30+ devs

Technical Design

Narrative Design

UI / UX Design


  • Led the design team

  • Designed and implemented the missions

  • Designed and implemented the majority of UI

  • Established the narrative, characters, dialogue, etc.

  • Helped design the player weapon system and combat

  • Blocked out and set-dressed the sewer combat area


Unreal Engine 5



Released on Steam


Game summary

Race through the slums of futuristic Mumbai and complete various missions as Kyra - a member of the Nandaka gang.


Transport illegal tech and mechanical enhancements, fight off rival gangs, chase down foes and explore hidden areas as you uncover the secrets of this dystopian metropolis. 


Game details

  • Genre

  • Player support

  • Platforms

  • Release date

Action, RPG

Single player


June 21, 2023


Research and prototyping weapons

At the start of the project, I was responsible for establishing the design of the weapon system. I started out with research and a proposal, after which I documented relevant technical breakdowns for our programmers. Once the system was created, I tweaked the weapon according to feedback. As we did not have enemies at the time, I implemented a simple dummy system to test the feel of the weapon. Lastly, I added feedback to the weapon in forms of SFX and VFX to achieve the intended feel. 


  • Researched player weapons in other games and proposed a system 

  • Documented technical breakdowns for our programmers

  • Created a metrics sheet to track iterations

  • Implemented a dummy system for target practice

  • Tweaked and iterated on the player weapon

  • Implemented SFX and VFX for the player weapon

  • Collaborated on creating a fitting crosshair

Weapon metrics sheet

Video showcasing the iteration process


Analyzing feedback and iterating

Alongside designing and tweaking the player weapon, I play tested with our target audience and fellow students. I conducted a special playtest regarding player fantasy to identify how we could improve the feel and visuals of the weapon.


After creating the initial weapon system, we realized that combat fell short from expectations, and adjustments weren't changing that. This is where I took a step back and analyzed the experience as a whole. I took my time to research combat design, which helped me understand the problem and write up a proposal to the team. 



  • Researched and proposed a solution to improve the combat experience

  • Play tested and analyzed player fantasy feedback

  • Proposed a solution and collaborated to improve the weapon (system)

A short essay on the problem I solved regarding player fantasy and the player weapon

A short essay on the problem I solved regarding the combat experience

Missions and systems

As the technical narrative designer, it was my job to work together with our writer to bring our narrative to live through missions.


  • Shaped and designed the missions

  • Implemented missions using our in-house mission system

  • Extended the mission system functionality for the onboarding mission

  • Wrote the first drafts of dialogue